Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector

Professional Microphone Disinfection via UV-C, 19″ inch rackmount unit – designed and made in Germany

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Li.LAC resembles a futuristic sandwich grill in a robust, road-ready 19” 3U rackmount format. Simply place the microphones on the stainless-steel grille, close the irradiation chamber and press start. The steel grille can accommodate up to three handheld mics or handheld transmitters. It is also possible to disinfect other items like headsets, lavalier microphones etc.

Li.LAC provide short disinfection cycles (5-10 minutes) with a disinfection level of 99.99% (laboratory test by Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH).
Test results show that the aging effect implied by UV-C disinfection inside Li.LAC is negligible compared to the normal aging that happens to the microphones (by mechanical impacts, dirt, humidity, etc.).

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Dimensions 55 × 18 × 50 cm